September 16, 2020

The health sciences & meal-planners states that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It literally breaks the 6-10 hours of fasting we go through every night while we sleep. And it’s the first thing we have in the morning when our body is in most need of nutrition & energy to work for the rest of the day.

You can find various benefits of a timely & healthy breakfast, giving the body energy & stamina to work throughout the day, successful working of the digestive system, making our body feel fresh & energetic & reducing bloating being a few. And an untimely & un-healthy breakfast may lead to lousiness, weakness, easiness in stomach & bloating throughout the day.

The body consumes more nutrients from the breakfast than any other meal & it’s suggested to have a heavy breakfast full of vitamins, proteins & all other vital nutrients. Considering our busy schedules, breakfast in the meal which we ignore the most, no more of that.

We are here with 5 easiest & healthiest breakfast recipes involving none to minimum cooking which you can enjoy every morning.


Everybody knows the health benefits of whole grains & oats are the king of that. Combine old fashioned regular oats or roasted oats to a bowl with fresh yogurt which are full of good bacteria, calcium & rich minerals which are very essential for our body. You can add sliced or chopped fresh seasonal fruits like bananas, mangos, apples or berries or you can also add dried fruits to it & you’re good to go.

This recipe is full of nutrients & has an array of flavors which is not less than a great treat for your mouth & body in the morning. Along with being tasty & healthy, this recipe makes your stomach feel full for longer.


This is the easiest & comparatively healthiest breakfast known to mankind. Milk, banana & almond are known worldwide to provide various health benefits & when consumed as the first thing in the morning, the result your body gets is magic.

This recipe nourishes & tones your bones, muscles & skin. And the combination & consistency of each ingredient is different from the other which makes a party go inside your mouth. Don’t swallow it too fast, take your time to chew & enjoy.


Another great combination for your breakfast is to combine cereals or whole grains like brown rice, un-processed wheat or oats with green vegetables & fruits. You can boil them or consume them fresh. This makes you stay full for longer along with providing basic nutrients & fibers to your body.


Take unsweetened curd to keep your sugar intake in control. Combine fresh fruits like banana, apple, mango, pineapple, berries with overnight soaked nuts & healthy seeds, add cornflakes, muesli oats or brown rice, whatever you like best & enjoy. If you like sweet, you can add a tsp of honey to it & if you like tangy, add a pinch of roasted cinnamon powder.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamins & anti-oxidants which are very necessary for the body. Take cottage cheese or you can take mayo as well. Add chopped tomatoes, pepper or capsicum to it. You can add black pepper powder & cinnamon powder to it & give it a good mix. Consume it directly or chop the fresh vegetables finely if you want to use it as a spread with bread or any cereal of your choice.

So there you go with 5 easy & healthy breakfast options which require no cooking. Try these at home without any need of cooking & don’t forget to let us know how it feels.

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