September 29, 2020

It is an universally acknowledged fact that black is the most worn color of clothing among people all over the world. This mysteriously beautiful color happens to be everybody’s favourite go to color when it comes to clothing. Along with making our bodies flawless, wearing black has other benefits as well & in today’s article, we are going to discuss just that. So hang on all black lovers, this is going to be a treat of you all.

Black flatters every “body”

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One of the best quality of black is that it flatters every type of body, making it look its best. It makes the lean body sexier & the fuller body lean. It hides the little imperfections, camouflages the flaws & what we see in a bold lady with amazing shape. There is no other color that hides little imperfections & turns them into something flawless & elegant.

Black also flatters every type of skin tone. From extremely pale to white, wheatish to dusky & dark skin tones, black looks perfect on everyone. There is no skin color or body shape that black discriminates with, black brings out the best version of everyone, making them look absolutely stunning!

Black means no worrying for matching

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There is no such thing as too much black or so much of black. You can easily match black with black whenever you want & you can never go wrong with that. Even, black on black makes you look stylish, flattering & flawless. So whenever in confusion of what to match with what, you can always choose to wear black & match that with black from head to toe.

Black can be easily paired with every other color

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Black is such a color that can be paired with all other colors & it’s never going to be a mismatch or wrong pairing. All the colors of the color palate go well with black, even one of the best coupling is black combined with its extreme opposite counterpart, white.

Black is the best bottom wear choice

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If you have one or two black bottom wears, you might not need any more. The quality of black complementing every other colors works great in this space! No matter what color top or kurti you wear, you can always pair it with a black bottom wear may that be a pair of black jeans or black palazzos. This pairing will never fail you.

Black makes us feel most comfortable & confident

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Somehow black has this psychological effect of making us feel more comfortable & confident. When we wear black, we somehow know we are looking our best & as black hides our flaws we feel flawless for the time being which boosts up our confidence. Hence most people wear black when they have to make a lasting first impression or do any task that requires a huge load of confidence & inner strength.

You can layer black on black as much you want

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You can layer up black on black endlessly, there’s no limitation. You can wear a layered black kurti dress upon a black palazzo like shown in the picture or you can add up scarves, jackets, shawls, belts, shrugs all in black color without making too much out of it. As said before, there is nothing like too much black!

You always look dressed up with black

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The speciality of black is that its so complete in itself. Wear just a simple black dress & you’re good to go anywhere, no don’t even need anything else. Black dresses makes you look like you’re all dressed up & ready to hit the party. While with most other colors you have to put so much more than just a simple dress to look dressed up. So9 when you need to go to multiple places in a day, both casual & occasion, without a doubt wear something comfortable in black!

Black can be embellished with anything

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Black is such a versatile color that is combines well with every other color embroidery or prints. Golden. Silver, white, red, green, yellow, florals or color blocking, you can try it all on black & have the equally beautiful surface. Not every color has this quality. You can’t just do prints of any random color on all the colors & look all sophisticated, the right is reserved to black.

Black helps you blend in to any place

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Whether you’re at a party, hanging out with your friends or just travelling, you can merge anywhere wearing black. It is not too attention demanding, nor is over shadowing, it has the perfect balance to blend you in at any given situation. You can wear black to work, to classes, to family get together, to a date & of course to any party. Black is ‘the’ party color.

Black makes you look more mature

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Along with being the ultimate party color, black is also the color that makes you appear more mature & serious. Wearing a long black kurti alone is enough, and if its carried with a matching shrug then it makes the wearing look bolder, stronger & more mature. Black has a mysterious, secretive & serious vibe, may be that is the reason the wearer appears to be so serious. Whatever the reason may be, but when you dress up with appropriate black clothing, people notices you & takes you more seriously.

So now you know some top benefits of wearing black. You can have your own black clothing at so go ahead & explore them all so that you can enjoy all the benefits of wearing this perfect color.

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