September 25, 2020

Believe it or not, our zodiac sign can tell a lot about our personalities, our aura & how we react to different situations in life. Everything is interlinked in this world. Just like your zodiac sign, your personality, changes in mood & colors that surrounds you. Your aura is effected by so many things & colors is definitely one of them. Each zodiac sign has assigned color theme which brings the best of them, which makes them fee;l more like themselves & helps them uncover their truest potential.

Today, we are discussing just that! We are up with colo schemes & colors you should wear according to your zodiac sign. So without any delay, let’s get started.



Aries is the first sign in the zodiac chart & is a Fire sign, they are known for their passion, enthusiasm & are born leaders. They want success in all things they set their mind in. In short, they are achievers. Wearing red or being around the color red can make them express their bold opinions with ease and increase their ability to lead, making them feel more confident in daily life handlings.

Aries also need something to pacify their impulsive nature. Colors such as white help balance their fiery side and would help them to calm down, hence, bring inner peace & harmony. Pink is the mixture of red & white, hence it acts as a balance of both the properties of red & white & makes an Aries feel more balanced.



Taurus is an Earth sign and it would make absolute sense to say that the colors like sky blue or pale blue and earthy colors like brown and khaki would suit their personality most.

Tauras people are known for their stubborn nature, which in fact makes them reach out for greatness & achieve big things in life. They are more attracted to materialistic possessions as well as love nature and beauty. People of this sign can also go with colors like pink, white and cream which would bring out the best in them. The neutral tones would be best for keeping their temper in check & helping them move forward in everyday life.



Geminis are Air sign & just like air, are easy going, bright and vivacious people. They are ruled by Mercury which is considered to be responsible for makling them one of the most sociable people of all. Making friends, talking with diplomacy & leaving an evarlastin g impression are just few traits geminis seem to possess.

Hence, they would happily show up in shades of yellow, the cheerful color of all. This indicates optimism, playfulness & the enthusiasm they have towards life.

Green, the color of growth & creativity boosts a Gemini’s strengths. They can also go for white, black, pink and red which suits their overall personality.



Water sign Cancers are emotional & are of loving nature when it comes to friends and family. Their sensitive nature is often hidden by their hard outer appearance just like crabs. They are intuitive, very compassionate & moody as well. So colors like blue, white and sea green work well for them. They can wear sea green for work as it would be refreshing during a hectic day & relax their over thinking minds.

Yellow on the other side is considered auspicious for Cancerians. Red should be avoided as much as possible, even though it is great at cheering up their mood when they’re down.

5. LEO


Leo are fire signs ruled by the Sun & is the most confident & proud zodiac sign of all. They are driven by a passion to live life to the fullest and are gifted with kind hearts. They feel protective and responsible for the people around them. They shine wherever they go & love being the centre of attention. They can easily light up a room with their charismatic and magnetic presence, people just seem to enjoy their presence in any given social gathering.

Hence, they are best suited in vibrant & loud colors like orange and reddish-orange, these colors even support their healthy ego and enhance their sense of being. Other colors such as red, gold and purple also brings out their dominating, confident side helping them to leave a lasting impression where they go.



Virgos are earth signs who are focused, detail oriented & practical. They are perfectionists & do everything with complete concentration & care. They like to follow rules & stay grounded, hence loud colors are not something they usually prefer. Their personalities, especially their focused minds works best when they wear pastel shades of blue, grey, peach, mauve and shades of green or green mixed with black. These colors helps Virgos in maintaining harmony, focus and balance into their lives.



Librans are Air signs & their symbol is the scales. The scales symbolise balance, harmony & justice. Librans are fascinated with symmetry and strive to create equilibrium in their life. They are smart, intellectual & appreciate everything beautiful.

Pastel blue gives Librans a soothing & calming effect which is necessary for their daily life working and light pink helps enhance their caring and sweet nature. In addition, pastel green works very well for bringing freshness and growth in their life.



Scorpions are intense, mysterious & passionate. Due to their powerful nature, they are often misunderstood as fire signs but actually they belong to water sign. Hence, they possess the sensitive, emotional & intuitive qualities of water signs.

Their dark & mysterious aura is suitable for every dark color. Most suitable colors for them are intense colors like dark shades of purple, red, maroon and darkest of all – black. These colors add more power and depth to the already intuitive and psychic nature of scorpions.



Sagittarius is a Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. It is one of the most freedom-loving and exploring signs of all. Sagittarians are philosophical, optimistic by nature & are a people’s person which makes them zealous for life. They also like to have attention & praise.

That is why Purple increases Sagittarians’ natural luck and positivity, thereby broadening their horizons to reach new levels of enlightenment. Yellow will assist them with progress and development. Moreover, light pink and purple will assist them with quieting their restlessness because of their fierce & impulsive nature.



Capricorns are earth signs, they are profoundly trained, rational and down to earth individuals. They have a great deal of patience, the desire to work hard for progress & success.

Subsequently, the colors which help Capricorns take the most rational steps in life are natural dim and earthy colors. The shade of dependability – earthy colored like browns & greys would extraordinarily profit their success driven nature. Then again, a blend of extreme contrasts like black & white, for example high contrast builds up the conservative idea of Capricorn people. They can also opt for crimson & maroon for a change & uplifting of their aura.



Aquarius symbolizes water bearer but is an Air sign. They are considered to be one of the most freedom loving & fair signs of all. Aquiarians are deep thinkers, humanists and progressives by nature who love helping people with their knowledge & are greatly dependable.

They stand up for justice & likes to move forward. They emit the most healing aura, sky is the limit for them and they prefer being alone to restore power.

As representatives of sky & water, they associate best with tints, tones & shades of blue & turquoise. These hues speak to openness which would assist them with new thoughts of experimentation and pushing ahead throughout everyday life.



Pisceans are last of the zodiac signs & is water sign. They are known for being emotional, deep, sympathizing & with soft hearts. They are driven towards knowing mystical, spiritual and occult sides of life. They can empathise with everyone & makes a dependable, caring & warm person to be around.

Pisces symbolise the depth of the ocean, hence, the colors suiting their personalities most are sea greens & shades of ocean. Yellow enhances their cheerful side & helps them lift up in their gloomy days. Warm colors like lavender & peach are always there to compliment them mood & personality.

So now you know which color you should wear according to your zodiac sign, which compliments your personality & your various moods. Which color to wear & to surround yourself with to bring the very best in you.

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