October 10, 2020

Here’s a treat to all harry potter fans! Who doesn’t love Harry Potter & the inspiring characters from the Harry Potter movie series? Of course, we all do! Whether we’ve seen all the movies, read all the books or not, we all are familiar about harry potter, aren’t we?

For some of us, Harry Potter has been a big part of our childhood & growing up & even as grown-ups, we can’t help but constantly love the Harry Potter movies & we all admire the great things we learn from each character in the movie.

Did you know all the characters in the Harry Potter movie had a distinctive color palate for themselves when it comes to dressing, be that Hermione, Harry, Ron or our favorite professor Dumbledore. Each character followed a specific color theme which told a little bit more about them at whole. Every color has symbolism & a secret meaning behind them & thus each Harry Potter character was assigned with a specific color code of dressing, apart from the uniforms which by the way also had specific color story.

So today we are up with ethnic wear looks which matches with the harry potter color palate. To be specific, our love for harry potter & its diverse characters have led us to do diverse research on looks of each of our favorite characters from the harry potter movies. And we have come up with themes & color palates which was followed throughout the all the harry potter movies. After the study, we were mesmerized by the color stories & qualities they represent & as an ethnic wear brand, we had to bring out the resemblance our women’s ethnic wear has to the dressing of our favorite Harry Potter characters.

So without further delay. Let’s get started with the list of ethnic wears that matches with Harry Potter characters.


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Harry is the everyman, blue-grey is often the colour that symbolises it. The intelligent wizard bravely deals with the loss of loved ones around him as he fights to defeat evil and protect his cherished friends. Harry is determined, is ready to sacrifice himself for his loved ones, is sensitive to others, is a trust-worthy friend & stands up bravely for what he believes in. Hence, he very well stands true to the colors blue & grey which represents stability, purity, dependency, depth of emotions & speaking of negative aspect, emptiness, sadness & a deeper need to find out the meaning behind the truths of the world as well, which speaks of some of the traits of our favourite Harry very well.

Harry’s look has changed over the years as he’s gotten older and begun to experience the stresses of both adulthood and battling Voldemort. But grey-blue has been a constant. For a very long time, through many sequels harry was seen in the same bluish-grey t-shirt.


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In the books, Hermione seems to favour purple, though in the movie she was seen in pinks, purples & pinkish-purple colors the most. It can be said her wardrobe is filled with near lilac hues. Both her yule ball dress robes and the dress she wore to Bill’s wedding were different shades of purple: periwinkle and lilac moreover she is seen in shades of pink-purple in most of the movie scenes throughout the series.

Speaking of purples, it is a color of femininity & strong-will. It is a headstrong color which is determined, doesn’t believes in giving up & has a deep drive for knowledge & self-worth. Pinkish-purple on the contrary is sensitive, softer side of it & it a color of love as well. And our Hermione granger possess all of the above mentioned qualities, doesn’t she?


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Ron is the warm heart of the story, and for this orange and red shades make complete sense. The color red is a very bold, energetic color. Red also represents war, especially the danger and courage in battle, with which Ron and several other Gryffindors are very familiar. Red is also a very emotional color. Dark reds especially represent determination and rage, which was extremely evident with the Ron. Red also is very active and competitive, which could explain the high emphasis Ron places on quidditch & at many other aspects of the whole Harry Potter series. Lighter shades of red denote friendship and love, very passionate emotions that are extremely powerful which perfectly matches Ron as he experiences too many emotions & too much. Anger, love, friendship, disgust, he shows it all in the face & has proven to be a true, trustworthy & dependable friend.

Ron often comes out to be scared but doesn’t takes a foot back when it comes to saving his friends & he bravely stands with the ones he loves. He even sacrifices & puts himself in danger for his friends & his rage becomes out of control at times. Hence, we completely get why he is assigned the reddish color theme as no other color would have suited Ron more accurately.


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Draco Malfoy belongs to Slytherin house & therefore is seen mostly in green & other dark hues. Green, though is a color of growth, creativity, nature & life, has negatives too with which Draco’s character symbolise. One of biggest negative trait of green is jealousy & envy, hence it is a common phrase “green with envy”. This is because greens need to feel powerful and safe; these could be positive traits, but Slytherins generally achieve these goals by joining up with Voldemort. It also represent distrust & hunger for materialistic gains.

These negative attributes are typically connected with the more obscure & darker shades of green, similar to the shade of green that is seen on Malfoy’s wardrobe hence the showcase Draco Malfoy quite well.


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A lavish robe deserves admiration – something Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts dean, knew very well. A man of refined taste, whose fashion pizazz beheld back to more polite occasions, Dumbledore realized how to dress for both solace and office.

Dumbledore was seen in more muted colors which separated him from the colours of other professors to make him stand out as a headmaster of Hogwarts & as a man of power. Grey was a staple color to his wardrobe in forms of tints, tones & shades & the color itself represents stability & dedication towards one’s professions but also symbolise penance & gloom. The possibility of Dumbledore donning greys as a demonstration of repentance, natural as we later in fantastic beasts find Dumbledore has a lot to be blameworthy for. He is continually endeavouring to give penance for the mistakes he made with his sister Ariana and Grindelwald.


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The half-blood prince, Severus Snape was seen in all black dressing through the whole harry potter series. He grasped the slim, coal black wearing with incredible zeal & aesthetics. We basically can’t blame the spotless lines of his outfits, nor the whirling robes that depict such inconspicuous hazard.

His long, black hair complimented the rest of his look, conveying a specific emotionless vibe that proposed him to be a genuine man giving not much heed to fashion.

But we all know, talking of fashion, one can never go wrong with black. Black is color of secrecy, mystery, hidden-negative emotions & fear. Black is often associated with evil & misjudged as one, but is also a color having deep sensitiveness & insecurities within, which perfectly tells it all about our hero, Severus Snape.


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Luna, daughter of the editorial manager of the paper, The Quibbler, may have her mind in another place, yet is consistently & faithful companion. Luna has a bohemian, refined style affected incompletely by her dad’s hipster look. She wears splendid hues like yellow and pink all through the greater part of the film, standing out from its generally dull and desolate palette. We love her Christmas ball look with yellow dress which depicts her curious soul so well.

Luna is girl who has suffered great losses in life yet is cheerful, faithful & a happy soul who believes in positivity & is brave. No doubt she has one of the brightest color palate of all Harry Potter characters. The sunny & bright hues represents creativity, freshness, free-spirit, inner strength & positive power which Luna perfectly represents.

By now, hope you’ve understood the deep connection the color of costumes had with our favourite Harry Potter characters, doesn’t it make you fall in love with the series even more? Now when you know the resemblance & what each color & each of these Harry Potter character symbolise, you can dress according to that. Whether you want to dress like the strong-headed Hermione with her purples & lilacs or dress free spirited Luna, or other characters of your choice.

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Also, let us know which is your favourite harry potter character in the comment box & also if you want to see more articles like this.

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